Front End Engineer (Marketing)

Company: Netlify
Tags: Hugo Jekyll Netlify


We have been building Netlify since 2015 to empower digital designers and developers to build better, more elaborate web projects than ever before. About half of our 40+ member team works remotely, and we are serving over 450,000 developers who use Netlify around the globe.

We’re aiming to change the landscape of modern web development. Currently we are looking for a Front End Engineer for to help us with that mission. You enjoy helping people succeed, are motivated by an opportunity to share your expertise to evolve our practices and our product, and value both self-directed work and being part of a communicative, thoughtful team, please consider applying to work with us.

Netlify’s core message is to enable Developer superpowers for front end developers. We aspire to be the best users of our own product, so this role is at the core of the company living up to its own brand promise. You’ll be focused on the Marketing team’s development needs, working on a diverse set of projects that facilitate our core marketing strategy. You’ll be building out and it’s associated properties to a world class level for SEO, design, performance, accessibility and global reach. You will have the opportunity to: Collaborate with the Design Team to iterate existing pages and create new pages for our marketing site ( and in developing the Netlify Marketing Design System. Collaborate closely with other departments to build out functionality from multiple stakeholders. Shape and help define Netlify’s approach to front-end web development by contributing to our team processes, documentation, and design and development systems. ✨ Galvanize the web developers in the organization with a clear direction, approach, and ability to incorporate work in scaling out work projects.

Here’s what we’re looking for from you:

  • Experience developing high value corporate websites (Alexa 10k & higher) either in house or within an agency.
  • A sound understanding of how modern web technologies work and are used by our customers.
  • Strong opinions, loosely held, with regard to responsible, effective, and creative web development techniques.
  • A strong sense of aesthetic and a high regard for the finer details of web typography and design.
  • The ability to assess the strengths, weaknesses and suitability of different libraries, frameworks and development techniques.
  • Experience with static build systems like Jekyll or Hugo, and front-end build tools like Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, etc.
  • Work well in a sprint-based environment, shipping with an iterative mindset, balancing projects and priorities to meet deadlines from many different stakeholders.
  • Pay attention to detail, and you will add your favorite emoji in the first name input field when applying.

Even better if you:

  • Have used and contributed to web development pattern libraries or design systems.
  • Taken a lead role with web development teams
  • Have experience managing development tasks and prioritizing backlogs for web development projects
  • Have creative thoughts about ways to capitalize on the tools and approaches that exist in JAMstack
  • Are comfortable working in a GitHub based collaboration workflow.

Three years ago we were two people. Today we are 45 people, are growing fast, and have onboarded several hundred thousand customers. We’re serving dozens of large open source projects, and are active participants ourselves in the open source community and in the larger tech community — for example, speaking at and sponsoring conferences.

Though our team is growing fast, we’ve stayed tight-knit while welcoming newcomers to the fold. We hail from around the globe with diverse backgrounds, and we strive to be thoughtful, caring, and collaborative in our work within and across teams. To get a sense of the new employee experience, check out this Medium post from one of our engineers, Luna Yu.

We believe that empowered, engaged employees do the best work. We’ll be giving you the tools to succeed and looking to you for suggestions for improvement not just in your daily job, but in many other aspects of building a company. We’ll be working together a lot - particularly, pairing and collaborating - we want you to succeed! We don’t want you to work too hard (burnout is real), and we do want to support your growth (impostor syndrome is also real) - and we’ll help you do that.

Our main office is located in the Dogpatch district in San Francisco, CA, and about 50% of us work remotely, across the US and Globally. Employees in the San Francisco area work from home two days per week. To fill this role we are looking for someone to work from HQ.

We offer a competitive salary, great benefits, and equity. We encourage you to speak at conferences, and will pay your attendance costs as you represent Netlify at these events.

Not sure you meet 100% of our qualifications? Or have a unique background? Please apply anyway!

With your application, please include: A thoughtful cover letter explaining why you enjoy being a web developer and why you’d like to work at Netlify. A resume or short listing of job history. (A link to a LinkedIn profile would be fine.)

When we receive your complete application with the items above, we’ll get back to you about next steps.

Netlify is invested in building an inclusive team of people with diverse backgrounds, views, and identities. We eagerly invite applications from people of all kinds. We don’t discriminate against employees or applicants based on gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, age, race, citizenship, pregnancy status, or any other differences. We regularly audit our hiring goals and internal processes in order to ensure we are hiring equitably. If we can do anything to provide a better interview, i.e. accommodate a disability, then please do let us know.